Rabbit monoclonal antibodies are developed directly from isolated B cells of immunized animals without the use of hybridomas. The technology allows the sampling of much larger B cell repertoire for the screening and selection of high quality antibodies to suite customers’ application needs. Antigen-specific B cells are cultured in multi-well plates and supernatant samples screened to identify desired antibodies. The cDNAs encoding the H and L chains are isolated and expressed in a mammalian expression system for batch-to-batch consistency and higher yield. Expression-ready cDNA constructs and complete sequences are provided to customers upon project completion, enabling customers to produce the antibodies in-house and to protect the intellectual property.
  • ​​Win-win deal structure -- all service work is done near cost to limit Customer’s expense to bare minimum; Service Provider and Customer are true partners throughout the project, and Excel BioPharm is profitable if and only if the desired antibody clones are successfully generated.

Rabbit Monoclonal Development by B Cell Cloning

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Custom Antibody Services

Highlights of Excel BioPharm Rabbit Monoclonal Services -

  • Robust technology to generate monoclonal antibodies with high affinity and high specificity​
  • Customers having exclusive ownership to delivered clones, with no licensing/royalties due to Service Provider​